Prieto Martinez, Luis Felipe

A Solution to Two Old Problems by Menger Concerning Angle Spaces

  • Felipe Prieto-Martinez, Luis;

Mediterranean Journal Of Mathematics - 1/8/2022

10.1007/s00009-022-02092-5 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 16605446

The group generated by Riordan involutions

  • Luzon, Ana
  • Moron, Manuel A.
  • Felipe Prieto-Martinez, L.;

Revista Matematica Complutense (p. 199-217) - 1/1/2022

10.1007/s13163-020-00382-8 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 11391138

Generalization of Kimberling’s Concept of Triangle Center for Other Polygons

  • Prieto-Martinez, Luis Felipe
  • Sanchez-Cauce, Raquel;

Results in Mathematics - 1/5/2021

Editor: Birkhauser

10.1007/s00025-021-01388-4 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 14226383
  • ISSN/ISBN 1420-9012

Geometric continuity of plane curves in terms of Riordan matrices and an application to the F-chordal problem

  • Prieto-Martinez, L. Felipe;

Revista De La Real Academia De Ciencias Exactas Fisicas Y Naturales Serie A-Matematicas - 1/4/2021

10.1007/s13398-021-01013-7 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 15787303

A formula to construct all involutions in Riordan matrix groups

  • Luzón A
  • Morón M
  • Prieto-Martínez L

Linear Algebra And Its Applications (p. 397-417) - 15/11/2017

10.1016/j.laa.2017.07.033 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 00243795

Finite and infinite dimensional Lie group structures on Riordan groups

  • Cheon, Gi-Sang
  • Luzon, Ana
  • Moron, Manuel A.
  • Felipe Prieto-Martinez, L.
  • Song, Minho;

Advances In Mathematics (p. 522-566) - 15/10/2017

10.1016/j.aim.2017.08.033 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 00018708

Some inverse limit approaches to the Riordan group

  • Luzón A
  • Merlini D
  • Morón MA
  • Prieto-Martinez LF
  • Sprugnoli R

Linear Algebra And Its Applications (p. 239-262) - 15/2/2016

10.1016/j.laa.2015.07.028 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 00243795

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