Alonso Oset, Enrique

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Case Study for Integration of an Oncology Clinical Site in a Semantic Interoperability Solution based on HL7 v3 and SNOMED-CT: Data Transformation Needs

  • Matthy de Hoog
  • M. Scott Marshall
  • Andre Dekker
  • Anca Bucur
  • Ahmed Ibrahim
  • Alonso Oset, Enrique
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Amia Summits On Translational Science Proceedings 2015 (2015) (p. 71-71) - 23/3/2015

  • iMarina

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Driving Excellence in Integrative Cancer Research through Innovative Biomedical Infraestructures

  • Maojo García, Víctor Manuel

Period: 01-02-2011 - 31-10-2014

Type of funding: International

Amount of funding: 475404,00 Euros.

  • ISSN 24762172
  • iMarina

Proyecto colaborativo en Informática Médica (CIMED) Subproyecto2: Un modelo de integración de información visual y textual de ensayos clínicos e historias clínicas electrónicas

  • Maojo García, Víctor Manuel

Period: 01-01-2014 - 30-09-2017

Type of funding: National

Amount of funding: 114768,50 Euros.

  • iMarina

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