Vargas Guzman, Horacio Andres


Quantitative electrostatic force tomography for virus capsids in interaction with an approaching nanoscale probe

  • Cooper, CD
  • Addison-Smith, I
  • Guzman, HV

Nanoscale (p. 12232-12237) - 3/8/2022

10.1039/d2nr02526d Ver en origen

  • ISSN 20403364

Structural 3D Domain Reconstruction of the RNA Genome from Viruses with Secondary Structure Models

  • Poblete, S
  • Guzman, HV

Viruses-Basel - 1/8/2021

10.3390/v13081555 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 19994915

RNA Secondary Structures Regulate Adsorption of Fragments onto Flat Substrates

  • Poblete, S
  • Bozic, A
  • Kanduc, M
  • Podgornik, R
  • Guzman, HV

Acs Omega (p. 32823-32831) - 7/12/2021

10.1021/acsomega.1c04774 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 24701343

Quantitative determination of mechanical stability in the novel coronavirus spike protein

  • Moreira, RA
  • Chwastyk, M
  • Baker, JL
  • Guzman, HV
  • Poma, AB

Nanoscale (p. 16409-16413) - 21/8/2020

10.1039/d0nr03969a Ver en origen

  • ISSN 20403364

Free Energies of the Disassembly of Viral Capsids from a Multiscale Molecular Simulation Approach

  • Martinez, M
  • Cooper, CD
  • Poma, AB
  • Guzman, HV

Journal Of Chemical Information And Modeling (p. 974-981) - 1/2/2020

10.1021/acs.jcim.9b00883 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 15499596

Characterization of Structural and Energetic Differences between Conformations of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

  • Moreira, RA
  • Guzman, HV
  • Boopathi, S
  • Baker, JL
  • Poma, AB

Materials - 1/12/2020

10.3390/ma13235362 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 19961944

ESPResSo++2.0: Advanced methods for multiscale molecular simulation

  • Guzman, HV
  • Tretyakov, N
  • Kobayashi, H
  • Fogarty, AC
  • Kreis, K
  • Krajniak, J
  • Junghans, C
  • Kremer, K
  • Stuehn, T
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Computer Physics Communications (p. 66-76) - 1/5/2019

10.1016/j.cpc.2018.12.017 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 00104655

Mechanical and thermodynamic properties of A beta(42), A beta(40), and alpha-synuclein fibrils: a coarse-grained method to complement experimental studies

  • Poma, AB
  • Guzman, HV
  • Li, MS
  • Theodorakis, PE

Beilstein Journal Of Nanotechnology (p. 500-513) - 19/2/2019

10.3762/bjnano.10.51 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 21904286

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pyDAMPF: a Python package for modeling mechanical properties of hygroscopic materials under interaction with a nanoprobe

  • Menacho, Willy
  • Ramírez-Ávila, Gonzalo
  • Guzman, Horacio

Proceedings Of The Python In Science Conference,Proceedings Of The 21st Python In Science Conference - 1/8/2022

10.25080/majora-212e5952-01e Ver en origen

  • ISSN 25759752

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