Sorli, Suzanne


RGB2Hands: Real-Time Tracking of 3D Hand Interactions from Monocular RGB Video

  • Wang, Jiayi
  • Mueller, Franziska
  • Bernard, Florian
  • Sorli, Suzanne
  • Sotnychenko, Oleksandr
  • Qian, Neng
  • Otaduy, Miguel A.
  • Casas, Dan
  • Theobalt, Christian;
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Acm Transactions On Graphics - 1/12/2020

10.1145/3414685.3417852 View at source

  • ISSN 07300301

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Fine Virtual Manipulation with Hands of Different Sizes

  • Sorli, Suzanne
  • Casas, Dan
  • Verschoor, Mickeal
  • Tajadura Jimenez, Ana
  • Otaduy, Miguel A.

2021 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) (p. 304-309) - 1/1/2021

Editor: IEEE Computer Society.

10.1109/ismar52148.2021.00046 View at source

  • ISBN 978-1-6654-0158-6
  • ISSN 15547868

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