Soriano Pinar, Isabel


Design of services in servitized firms: gamification as an adequate tool

  • Garcia-Magro, Cristina
  • Soriano-Pinar, Isabel;

Journal Of Business & Industrial Marketing (p. 575-585) - 1/1/2019

10.1108/jbim-12-2018-0413 View at source

  • ISSN 08858624

Changes in the intellectual basis of servitization research: A dynamic analysis

  • Diaz-Garrido, Eloisa
  • Pinillos, Maria-Jose
  • Soriano-Pinar, Isabel
  • Garcia-Magro, Cristina;

Journal Of Engineering And Technology Management (p. 1-14) - 1/6/2018

10.1016/j.jengtecman.2018.01.005 View at source

  • ISSN 09234748

Gender differences in entrepreneurial orientation

  • Reyes Recio, Luisa Eugenia
  • Pinillos Costa, Maria Jose
  • Soriano Pinar, Isabel;

Esic Market (p. 441-460) - 1/12/2014

10.7200/esicm.149.0453.1e View at source

  • ISSN 02121867

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