Gonzalez Amor, Maria maria.gonzalezamor@uam.es

Characterization of novel synthetic polyphenols: Validation of antioxidant and vasculoprotective activities

  • de Vega MJP
  • Moreno-Fernández S
  • Pontes-Quero GM
  • González-Amor M
  • Vázquez-Lasa B
  • Sabater-Muñoz B
  • Briones AM
  • Aguilar MR
  • Miguel M
  • González-Muñiz R
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Antioxidants (p. 1-23) - 1/1/2020

10.3390/antiox9090787 View at source

  • ISSN 20763921

Myeloid GRK2 regulates obesity-induced endothelial dysfunction by modulating inflammatory responses in perivascular adipose tissue

  • González-Amor M, Vila-Bedmar R, Rodrigues-Díez R, Moreno-Carriles R, Arcones AC, Cruces-Sande M, Salaices M, Mayor F, Briones AM, Murga C

Antioxidants - 1/1/2020

10.3390/antiox9100953 View at source

  • ISSN 20763921

Aging-Associated miR-217 Aggravates Atherosclerosis and Promotes Cardiovascular Dysfunction

  • de Yébenes VG
  • Briones AM
  • Martos-Folgado I
  • Mur SM
  • Oller J
  • Bilal F
  • González-Amor M
  • Méndez-Barbero N
  • Silla-Castro JC
  • Were F
  • Jiménez-Borreguero LJ
  • Sánchez-Cabo F
  • Bueno H
  • Salaices M
  • Redondo JM
  • Ramiro AR
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Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis And Vascular Biology (p. 2408-2424) - 1/1/2020

10.1161/atvbaha.120.314333 View at source

  • ISSN 10498834

Microsomal Prostaglandin E Synthase?1 (mPGES?1) is involved in the metabolic and cardiovascular alterations associated with obesity

  • Ballesteros?Martinez, Constanza
  • Rodrigues?Diez, Raquel
  • Beltrán, Luis M.
  • Moreno?Carriles, Rosa
  • Martínez?Martínez, Ernesto
  • González?Amor, María
  • Martínez?González, Jose
  • Rodríguez, Cristina
  • Cachofeiro, Victoria
  • Salaices, Mercedes
  • Briones, Ana M.
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British Journal Of Pharmacology (p. 2733-2753) - 8/12/2021

10.1111/bph.15776 View at source

  • ISSN 00071188

Role of COX-2-derived PGE on vascular stiffness and function in hypertension

  • Avendaño MS, Martínez-Revelles S, Aguado A, Simões MR, González-Amor M, Palacios R, Guillem-Llobat P, Vassallo DV, Vila L, García-Puig J, Beltrán LM, Alonso MJ, Cachofeiro MV, Salaices M, Briones AM

British Journal Of Pharmacology (p. 1541-1555) - 1/5/2016

10.1111/bph.13457 View at source

  • ISSN 00071188

Interferon-stimulated gene 15 pathway is a novel mediator of endothelial dysfunction and aneurysms development in angiotensin II infused mice through increased oxidative stress

  • González-Amor M, García-Redondo AB, Jorge I, Zalba G, Becares M, Ruiz-Rodríguez MJ, Rodríguez C, Bermeo H, Rodrigues-Díez R, Rios FJ, Montezano AC, Martínez-González J, Vázquez J, Redondo JM, Touyz RM, Guerra S, Salaices M, Briones AM

Cardiovascular Research - 1/1/2021

10.1093/cvr/cvab321 View at source

  • ISSN 00086363

mPGES-1 (Microsomal Prostaglandin E Synthase-1) Mediates Vascular Dysfunction in Hypertension Through Oxidative Stress.

  • Avendaño MS, García-Redondo AB, Zalba G, González-Amor M, Aguado A, Martínez-Revelles S, Beltrán LM, Camacho M, Cachofeiro V, Alonso MJ, Salaices M, Briones AM

Hypertension (p. 492-502) - 1/1/2018


  • ISSN 0194911X
  • iMarina

Branched-chain amino acids promote endothelial dysfunction through increased reactive oxygen species generation and inflammation

  • Zhenyukh O., González-Amor M., Rodrigues-Diez R., Esteban V., Ruiz-Ortega M., Salaices M., Mas S., Briones A., Egido J.

Journal Of Cellular And Molecular Medicine (p. 4948-4962) - 1/10/2018

10.1111/jcmm.13759 View at source

  • ISSN 15821838

Regulator of calcineurin 1 modulates vascular contractility and stiffness through the upregulation of COX-2-derived prostanoids

  • Garcia-Redondo, Ana B.
  • Esteban, Vanesa
  • Briones, Ana M.
  • Diaz del Campo, Lucia S.
  • Gonzalez-Amor, Maria
  • Mendez-Barbero, Nerea
  • Campanero, Miguel R.
  • Redondo, Juan M.
  • Salaices, Mercedes;
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Pharmacological Research (p. 236-249) - 1/7/2018

10.1016/j.phrs.2018.01.001 View at source

  • ISSN 10436618

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Interferon stimulated gene 15 (ISG15) as a new mediator of aortic aneurism

  • Blanco Rivero, Javier

Period: 01-01-2020 - 31-03-2022

Type of funding: Regional

Amount of funding: 51000,00 Euros.

  • iMarina


  • Garcia Redondo, Ana Belen (Investigador/a)
  • GONZALEZ AMOR, MARIA (Investigador/a)
  • Guerra Garcia, Maria Susana (Investigador/a)
  • Blanco Rivero, Javier (Investigador/a)
  • Briones Alonso, Ana Maria (Investigador/a)
  • GARCIA REDONDO, BELEN (Miembro del equipo de investigación)
  • Rodriguez Diaz, Raquel (Miembro del equipo de investigación)
  • GONZALEZ AMOR, MARI (Miembro del equipo de investigación)
  • GUERRA GARCIA, SUSANA (Miembro del equipo de investigación)
  • Briones Alonso, Ana Maria (Miembro del equipo de investigación)
  • Salaices Sanchez, Mercedes (Investigador principal (IP))
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Period: 01-01-2018 - 31-12-2021

  • iMarina

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