Quiros Godoy, Maria maria.quirosgodoy@uam.es

Efficiency and accuracy of visual search develop at different rates from early childhood through early adulthood

  • Gil-Gómez de Liaño B., Quirós-Godoy M., Pérez-Hernández E., Wolfe J.M.

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (p. 504-511) - 1/6/2020

10.3758/s13423-020-01712-z Ver en origen

  • ISSN 10699384

Schoolchildren’s Compensatory Strategies and Skills in Relation to Attention and Executive Function App Training

  • Rossignoli-Palomeque T
  • Quiros-Godoy M
  • Perez-Hernandez E
  • González-Marqués J

Frontiers In Psychology - 15/10/2019

10.3389/fpsyg.2019.02332 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 16641078

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Hybrid foraging in cognitive development: Preliminary results in personality, intelligence and clinical traits

  • Sifre, I, Quirós-Godoy, M, Pérez-Hernández, E, Gil-Gómez de Liaño, B


  • iMarina

Inattentional blindness for letters and words in cognitive development

  • Quiros-Godoy, M., Pérez-Hernández, E., Castelleti, C., Gil-Gómez de Liaño, B


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Inattentional Blindness in children is different for letters than for words in a visual search task

  • Gil-Gomez de Liano, B
  • Perez Hernandez, Elena
  • Quiros-Godoy, M
  • Castelletti, C


  • iMarina

Factors modulating the effects of memory load in attentional tasks: a meta-analytical study

  • Quirós-Godoy, M., Gil-Gómez de Liaño, B. y Botella, J


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