Bordas Sanchez, Anna

The human-specific duplicated α7 gene inhibits the ancestral α7, negatively regulating nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-mediated transmitter release

  • Martín-Sánchez C, Alés E, Balseiro-Gómez S, Atienza G, Arnalich F, Bordas A, Cedillo JL, Extremera M, Chavez-Reyes A, Montiel C

Journal Of Biological Chemistry (p. 100341-100341) - 1/1/2021


  • ISSN 00219258
  • iMarina

An okadaic acid fragment analogue prevents nicotine-induced resistance to cisplatin by recovering PP2A activity in non-small cell lung cancer cells

  • Arribas RL, Bordas A, Domènech Omella J, Cedillo JL, Janssens V, Montiel C, de Los Ríos C

Bioorganic Chemistry (p. 103874-103874) - 1/7/2020


  • ISSN 10902120
  • iMarina

Anti-tumoral activity of the human-specific duplicated form of α7-nicotinic receptor subunit in tobacco-induced lung cancer progression

  • Cedillo JL, Bordas A, Arnalich F, Esteban-Rodríguez I, Martín-Sánchez C, Extremera M, Atienza G, Rios JJ, Arribas RL, Montiel C

Lung Cancer (p. 134-144) - 1/2/2019


  • ISSN 01695002
  • iMarina

Interaction of the 7-nicotinic subunit with its human-specific duplicated dup7 isoform in mammalian cells: Relevance in human inflammatory responses

  • Maldifassi M.C., Martín-Sánchez C., Atienza G., Cedillo J.L., Arnalich F., Bordas A., Zafra F., Giménez C., Extremera M., Renart J., Montiel C.

Journal Of Biological Chemistry (p. 13874-13888) - 7/9/2018

10.1074/jbc.ra118.003443 View at source

  • ISSN 00219258

A new IRAK-M-mediated mechanism implicated in the anti-inflammatory effect of nicotine via α7 nicotinic receptors in human macrophages

  • Maldifassi MC
  • Atienza G
  • Arnalich F
  • López-Collazo E
  • Cedillo JL
  • Martín-Sánchez C
  • Bordas A
  • Renart J
  • Montiel C
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Plos One - 26/9/2014

10.1371/journal.pone.0108397 View at source

  • ISSN 19326203

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