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Testing the capacity of off-the-shelf systems to store 10GbE traffic

  • Moreno V., Ramos J., García-Dorado J., Gonzalez I., Gomez-Arribas F., Aracil J.

Ieee Communications Magazine (p. 118-125) - 1/9/2015

10.1109/mcom.2015.7263355 View at source

  • ISSN 01636804

A refinement of the Strichartz inequality for the wave equation with applications

  • Ramos Maravall, Javier

Advances In Mathematics (p. 649-698) - 1/1/2012

  • ISSN 00018708
  • iMarina

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Dotación adicional Ramón y Cajal.

  • Ramos Maravall, Javier

Period: 01-09-2020 - 31-08-2025

Type of funding: National

Amount of funding: 40000,00 Euros.

  • iMarina

Análisis de fourier y aplicaciones.

  • Hernandez Rodriguez, Eugenio (Investigador/a)
  • Keith M Rogers (Investigador/a)
  • Garcia-Cuerva Abengoza, Jose (Investigador/a)
  • Barrios Barrera, Begoña (Investigador/a)
  • Ramos Maravall, Javier (Investigador/a)
  • Adrian Manuel Gonzalez Perez (Investigador/a)
  • Guillermo Rey Ley (Investigador/a)
  • Luis Daniel Lopez Sanchez (Investigador/a)
  • Sonsoles Perez Gomez (Investigador/a)
  • Maria Natividade (Investigador/a)
  • Keith Rogers (Investigador/a)
  • Martell Berrocal, Jose Maria (Investigador/a)
  • Marco Alvarez, Jose Manuel (Investigador/a)
  • Jose Manuel Conde Alonso (Investigador/a)
  • Parcet Hernandez, Javier (Investigador/a)
  • Garrigos Aniorte, Gustavo Adolfo (Investigador/a)
  • Soria de Diego, Fernando (Investigador/a)
  • Criado Cornejo, Alberto (Investigador/a)
  • Vargas Rey, Ana Maria (Investigador principal (IP))
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Period: 01-01-2011 - 31-12-2013

Type of funding: National

Amount of funding: 64977,00 Euros.

  • iMarina

A refinement of the strichartz estimate for the wave with apllications to the linear and nonlinear wave equations

  • Ana María Vargas Rey (Supervisor)


  • iMarina

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