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Figuring out Benjamin's 'angel of history': 'reading',Angelus Novusand sublime metaphor

  • Hope, Alexander

Textual Practice (p. 995-1020) - 2/6/2020

10.1080/0950236x.2019.1586755 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 14701308

Training teachers in maintaining equity in the micro-moments of a mathematical dialogue

  • Ramis-Conde, Ignacio
  • Hope, Alexander

Teaching And Teacher Education - 1/1/2020

10.1016/j.tate.2019.102924 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 0742051X

Traumatic Memory and the Ethical, Political and Transhistorical Functions of Literature, edited by Susana Onega, Constanza del Río and Maite Escudero-Alías

  • Hope, Alexander

Miscelanea (p. 171-176-176) - 1/1/2019

  • ISSN 11376368
  • iMarina

Khora - Plus de métaphore

  • Hope A

Textual Practice (p. 611-630) - 1/1/2015

10.1080/0950236x.2014.936486 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 14701308

The future is plastic: refiguring Malabou’s plasticity

  • Hope A

Journal For Cultural Research (p. 329-349) - 1/1/2014

10.1080/14797585.2014.959308 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 14797585

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Sound Phenomenology: The Sound of Space and Space of Sound in Bruce Nauman

  • Hope, Alexander

Taking Stock To Look Ahead: Celebrating Forty Years Of English Studies In Spain (p. 69-74) - 1/1/2018

  • iMarina

It's only combinations of letters, after all, isn't it: The voice and spirit mediums in Thomas Pynchon's Against The Day (2006)

  • Hope, Alexander

Plos One (p. 269-293) - 27/8/2015

10.1163/9789004304406_012 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 19326203

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