Tafur Guisao, Juan Pablo jp.tafur@upm.es


Electrical and spectroscopic characterization of PVdF-HFP and TFSI-ionic liquids-based gel polymer electrolyte membranes. Influence of ZnTf2 salt

  • Tafur Guisao, Juan Pablo
  • Antonio J Fernández Romero

(p. 499-506) - 1/11/2014

10.1016/j.memsci.2014.07.007 View at source

A synchrotron x-ray diffraction and hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of Zn negative electrodes at different charge and discharge states of Zn/MnO2 batteries using an ionic liquid-based gel polymer electrolyte


Journal Of Power Sources (p. 199-208) - 30/9/2017

  • ISSN 03787753
  • iMarina

Green Energy Storage: Chitosan-Avocado Starch Hydrogels for a Novel Generation of Zinc Battery Electrolytes

  • Cruz-Balaz, MI
  • Bósquez-Cáceres, MF
  • Delgado, AD
  • Arjona, N
  • Córdova, VM
  • Alvarez-Contreras, L
  • Tafur, JP
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Polymers - 1/11/2023

10.3390/polym15224398 View at source

  • ISSN 20734360

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