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Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Air Traffic Delay Prediction

  • Víctor M Tenorio
  • Antonio García Marqués
  • Luis Cadarso

Transportation Research Procedia (p. 463-470) - 1/1/2021

10.1016/j.trpro.2021.11.062 View at source

  • ISSN 23521457

Overparametrized Deep Encoder-Decoder Schemes for Inputs and Outputs Defined over Graphs

  • Rey S
  • Tenorio V
  • Rozada S
  • Martino L
  • Marques AG

28th European Signal Processing Conference (Eusipco 2020) (p. 855-859) - 1/1/2021

10.23919/eusipco47968.2020.9287748 View at source

  • ISSN 22195491

Low-rank State-action Value-function Approximation

  • Rozada, Sergio
  • Tenorio, Victor
  • Marques, Antonio G.;

28th European Signal Processing Conference (Eusipco 2020) (p. 1471-1475) - 1/1/2021

  • ISSN 20761465
  • iMarina

Deep Encoder-Decoder Neural Network Architectures for Graph Output Signals

  • Rey, S
  • Tenorio, V
  • Rozada, S
  • Martino, L
  • Marques, AG

Conference Record Of The Asilomar Conference On Signals, Systems And Computers (p. 225-229) - 1/1/2019

10.1109/ieeeconf44664.2019.9048908 View at source

  • ISSN 10586393

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