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Chen, Junwei


Open Access

Pressure from data-driven estimation of velocity fields using snapshot PIV and fast probes

  • Chen, Junwei
  • Raiola, Marco
  • Discetti, Stefano

EXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE (p. 1-13) - 8/2022 View at source

  • EISSN 1879-2286
  • ISSN 0894-1777

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949085 - NEXTFLOW: Next-generation flow diagnostics for control

  • Discetti, Stefano
  • Garcia-villalba Navaridas, Manuel
  • Ianiro, Andrea
  • Raiola, Marco
  • Tirelli, Iacopo
  • Moreno Soto, Alvaro
  • Chen, Junwei
  • Garcia Caspueñas, Patricia
  • Meilan Vila, Andrea
  • Cuellar Martin, Antonio
  • Franceschelli, Luca
  • Li Hu, Qihong Lorena
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Period: 01-01-2021 - 31-12-2025

Type of funding: European


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