Almendros Gimenez, Marcos


Thermus thermophilus nucleoside phosphorylases active in the synthesis of nucleoside analogues

  • Almendros M
  • Berenguer J
  • Sinisterra JV

Applied And Environmental Microbiology (p. 3128-3135) - 1/5/2012

10.1128/aem.07605-11 View at source

  • ISSN 00992240

Thermus thermophilus strains active in purine nucleoside synthesis

  • Almendros M
  • Gago JVS
  • Carlos JB

Molecules (p. 1279-1287) - 1/3/2009

10.3390/molecules14031279 View at source

  • ISSN 14203049

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Nuevas enzimas termoestables aplicadas a la síntesis de nucleósidos farmacológicamente activos

  • Almendros Gimenez, Marcos (Autor o Coautor)
  • Berenguer Carlos, Jose (Autor o Coautor)
  • Berenguer Carlos, Jose (Director)
  • Fernandez Lobato, Maria (Autor o Coautor)
  • Rumbero Sanchez, Angel (Autor o Coautor)


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