Palomares Valera, Manuel

Implementing a Point-Based Rewards System as an Educational Tool in Children's Home: From Standardisation to Coconstruction and Negotiation

  • Palomares M., Poveda D., Hall C.

Children & Society (p. 279-289) - 1/7/2018

10.1111/chso.12255 View at source

  • ISSN 10990860

FOXL2 Copy Number Changes in the Molecular Pathogenesis of BPES: Unique Cohort of 17 Deletions

  • D'Haene, B
  • Nevado, J
  • Pugeat, M
  • Pierquin, G
  • Lowry, R B
  • Reardon, W
  • Delicado, A
  • Garcia-Minaur, S
  • Palomares, M
  • Courtens, W
  • Stefanova, M
  • Wallace, S
  • Watkins, W
  • Shelling, A N
  • Wieczorek, D
  • Veitia, R A
  • de Paepe, A
  • Lapunzina, P
  • de Baere, E
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Human Mutation (p. E1332-+) - 1/5/2010

10.1002/humu.21233 View at source

  • ISSN 10597794

Linguistic ethnography and the study of welfare institutions as a flow of social practices: the case of residential child care institutions as paradoxical institutions

  • Palomares, Manuel
  • Poveda, David

Text & Talk (p. 193-212) - 1/3/2010

10.1515/text.2010.010 View at source

  • ISSN 18607330

La escritura vernácula de las niñas y los niños gitanos

  • Palomares-Valera, Manuel
  • Poveda, David
  • Cano, Ana

Cultura Y Educacion (p. 53-66) - 1/1/2005

  • ISSN 11356405
  • iMarina

Putting school in its place: A narrative analysis of the educational memories of late adult and elder people

  • Poveda D
  • Palomares-Valera M
  • Cano A

Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung - 1/1/2004

  • ISSN 14385627
  • iMarina

The effect of LH concentration in a porcine pituitary extract and season on superovulatory response of Bos indicus heifers

  • H Tribulo
  • GA Bo
  • F Jofre
  • J Carcedo
  • A Alonso
  • RJ Mapletoft

Theriogenology (p. 286-286) - 1/1/1991

  • ISSN 0093691X
  • iMarina

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Religious genres, entextualization and literacy in Gitano children

  • Poveda Bicknell, David Patrick

Language In Society (p. 87-115) - 21/4/2005

10.1017/s0047404505050049 View at source

  • ISSN 00474045

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Etnografía educativa en un centro de protección de menores: los procesos educativos de un grupo de jóvenes durante su periodo de acogimiento en un ecosistema educativo complejo

  • Poveda Bicknell, David Patrick (Director) Doctorando: Manuel Palomares Valera


  • iMarina

Menores: los procesos educativos de un grupo de jóvenes durante su periodo de acogimiento en un ecosistema educativo complejo

  • Palomares-Valera, Manuel
  • Poveda, David


  • iMarina

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