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Alvarez Gomez, Ainhoa


Open Access

Polyacrylonitrile-b-polystyrene block copolymer-derived hierarchical porous carbon materials for supercapacitor

  • Alvarez Gomez, Ainhoa
  • Yuan, Jiayin
  • Fernandez Blazquez, Juan P.
  • San Miguel Arnanz, Veronica
  • Serrano Prieto, Maria Bernarda

Polymers (p. 1-15) - 12/2022 View at source

  • ISSN 2073-4360

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Contrato de Asesoramiento y estancia científica entre la Tashkent State Technical University de Uzbekistan y la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

  • Garcia-pozuelo Ramos, Daniel
  • Velasco Lopez, Francisco Javier
  • Martinez Casanova, Miguel Angel
  • Fuentes Del Toro, Sergio
  • Lorente Fernandez, Miguel Angel
  • Torres Carrasco, Manuel
  • Shagñay Pucha, Segundo Manuel
  • Alvarez Robledo, Marcos
  • Alvarez Gomez, Ainhoa
  • Santos Arocha, Xiomara
  • Jimenez Salas, Manuel
  • Moral Zamorano, Maria
  • Butenegro Garcia, Jose Antonio
  • Melendez Useros, Miguel
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Period: 02-11-2022 - 24-12-2022

Type of funding: International


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