Amaducci Szwarc, Rodrigo Vicente

Automatic Adaptation of Model Neurons and Connections to Build Hybrid Circuits with Living Networks

  • Reyes-Sanchez M., Amaducci R., Elices I., Rodriguez F.B., Varona P.

Neuroinformatics (p. 377-393) - 1/6/2020

10.1007/s12021-019-09440-z Ver en origen

  • ISSN 15392791

Deep learning-based feature extraction for prediction and interpretation of sharp-wave ripples in the rodent hippocampus

  • Navas-Olive A
  • Amaducci R
  • Jurado-Parras MT
  • Sebastian ER
  • de la Prida LM

Elife - 1/9/2022

10.7554/elife.77772 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 2050084X

RTHybrid: A Standardized and Open-Source Real-Time Software Model Library for Experimental Neuroscience

  • Amaducci, Rodrigo
  • Reyes-Sanchez, Manuel
  • Elices, Irene
  • Rodriguez, Francisco B.
  • Varona, Pablo;

Frontiers In Neuroinformatics (p. 11-14) - 7/2/2019

10.3389/fninf.2019.00011 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 16625196

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Parameter exploration in neuron and synapse models driven by stimuli from living neuron recordings

  • M. Reyes-Sanchez, I. Elices, R. Amaducci, F.B. Rodriguez, P. Varona.


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