Schames Kreitchmann, Rodrigo

A genetic algorithm for optimal assembly of pairwise forced-choice questionnaires

  • Kreitchmann RS
  • Abad FJ
  • Sorrel MA

Behavior Research Methods (p. 1476-1492) - 1/6/2022

10.3758/s13428-021-01677-4 View at source

  • ISSN 1554351X

Building adaptive forced-choice tests "On The Fly" for personality measurement

  • Abad, FJ
  • Kreitchmann, RS
  • Sorrel, MA
  • Najera, P
  • Garcia-Garzon, E
  • Garrido, LE
  • Jimenez, M
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Papeles Del Psicologo (p. 29-35) - 1/1/2022

10.23923/pap.psicol.2982 View at source

  • ISSN 02147823

FoCo: A Shiny App for Formative Assessment using Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling

  • Sanz S
  • Kreitchmann RS
  • Nájera P
  • Moreno JD
  • Martínez-Huertas JÁ
  • Sorrel MA

Psicología Educativa (p. 149-158) - 1/1/2022

10.5093/psed2022a14 View at source

  • ISSN 1135755X

Improving reliability estimation in cognitive diagnosis modeling

  • Kreitchmann RS, de la Torre J, Sorrel MA, Nájera P, Abad FJ

Behavior Research Methods - 1/1/2022


  • ISSN 1554351X
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Comparing Item Response Theory Models for Non-Ignorable Missing Data

  • Schames, R.
  • Abad Garcia, Francisco Jose
  • Ponsoda, V.


  • iMarina

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