Diaz Lopez, Irene irene.diaz@uam.es

Widespread displacement of DNA- and RNA-binding factors underlies toxicity of arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptides

  • Lafarga V
  • Sirozh O
  • Díaz-López I
  • Galarreta A
  • Hisaoka M
  • Zarzuela E
  • Boskovic J
  • Jovanovic B
  • Fernandez-Leiro R
  • Muñoz J
  • Stoecklin G
  • Ventoso I
  • Fernandez-Capetillo O
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Embo Journal - 1/7/2021

10.15252/embj.2019103311 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 14602075

Naturally Occurring and Engineered Alphaviruses Sensitive to Double-Stranded-RNA-Activated Protein Kinase Show Restricted Translation in Mammalian Cells, Increased Sensitivity to Interferon, and Marked Oncotropism

  • Toribio, Rene
  • Diaz-Lopez, Irene
  • Jose Berlanga, Juan
  • Molina-Jimenez, Francisca
  • Majano, Pedro
  • Ventoso, Ivan

Journal Of Virology - 1/2/2020

10.1128/jvi.01630-19 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 0022538X

Mapping mRNA-18S rRNA Contacts Within Translation Initation Complex by Means of Reverse Transcriptase Termination Sites and RNAseq

  • Diaz-Lopez, Irene
  • Toribio, Rene
  • Ventoso, Ivan

Bio Protoc - 1/1/2020

10.21769/bioprotoc.3713 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 23318325

An mRNA-binding channel in the ES6S region of the translation 48S-PIC promotes RNA unwinding and scanning

  • Díaz-López I., Toribio R., Berlanga J.J., Ventoso I.

Elife - 1/12/2019

10.7554/elife.48246 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 2050084X

Translation initiation of alphavirus mRNA reveals new insights into the topology of the 48S initiation complex.

  • Toribio R, Díaz-López I, Boskovic J, Ventoso I

Nucleic Acids Research (p. 4176-4187) - 4/5/2018


  • ISSN 03051048
  • iMarina

An RNA trapping mechanism in Alphavirus mRNA promotes ribosome stalling and translation initiation

  • Toribio R, Díaz-López I, Boskovic J, Ventoso I

Nucleic Acids Research (p. 4368-4380) - 19/5/2016

10.1093/nar/gkw172 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 03051048

New insights into the topology of the scanning ribosome during translation initiation: Lessons from viruses

  • Toribio, Rene
  • Diaz-Lopez, Irene
  • Ventoso, Ivan;

Rna Biology (p. 1223-1227) - 1/12/2016

10.1080/15476286.2016.1247146 Ver en origen

  • ISSN 15476286

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